About YetaWF

YetaWF (pronounced "Yet Another Web Framework") is a new open source product, developed by Mike van der Meulen (Softel vdm, Inc.). It was used to develop and host the company's own site, its new legal service Formulaws.com, the RegistryUI.com self-hosted Docker Registry, the ubackup.io scheduled database backup service, the www.StatusPie.com Website Uptime Monitoring service, the LinksWithPics service, this site and various other sites.

It builds on ASP.NET Core MVC to create a web framework for developers. While it has many attributes commonly found in today's CMS like DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Drupal, etc., it instead focuses on rapid application development. Tightly integrating with Visual Studio, it lends itself to rapid module development, offering built-in BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete) module generation, taking advantage of ASP.NET Core MVC, Data Annotation, Templated Helpers, UIHint and many other innovative features made possible by ASP.NET Core MVC and ASP.NET Core. Rather than being all things to all people, it narrowly focuses on offering 100% of the features that will satisfy most average websites and offers a platform for rapid custom development.

YetaWF's core doesn't use a specific front-end framework, yet it's a Single Page Application by default, built using TypeScript and native JavaScript. All rendering is completely modular and implemented using addon packages, which could include any front-end framework. The default uses Typescript and native JavaScript and many client-side plugins (like grids, menus, syntax highlighter, lightbox, CKEditor, tabs, overlays and many more).  It combines these with automatic features like JavaScript and CSS minifier and bundling, HTTP response compression, automatic WEBP images without burdening the developer with administrative tasks. No build pipeline to set up or maintain.

YetaWF also takes a new approach to localization by being designed from the ground up with localization in mind (again, without burdening the developer with administrative tasks). Pages, modules, down to SQL tables or file data are fully localizable. Adding/removing languages is possible at any time, not just at design-time.

For the site administrator, it offers site management, automated backups, easy version upgrades, scheduled tasks and of course complete control over authentication and user/role authorizations. And you can even use it on your phone/tablet without downloading any apps, with full access to all administrator features.